What is WebFLIS

What is WebFLIS?

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
Federal Logistics Information Service (FLIS)

Web FLIS NSN Search WebFLIS Search

Alternate References:

NSN Search, NSN Lookup, Assist Quick Search, FEDLOG Online, WebFLIS Public Search, WebFLIS DLA, WebFLIS Navy, WebFLIS Army, WebFLIS USMC and WebFLI.

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What WebFLIS does

The WebFLIS service from the Federal Logistics Information Service (FLIS) of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is an online search system for several public segments of the USA Federal Logistics Database for codified supplies that are represented by a permanent National Stock Number (NSN).

WEBFLIS provides WebFLIS Search by

  • Part Number
  • National Stock Number (NSN)
  • NIIN
  • CAGE
  • Keywords
  • Characteristics
  • Parameters

WebFLIS Terminology

Web FLIS is known by other terms as well including NSN Search, NSN Lookup, Assist Quick Search, FEDLOG Online, WebFLIS Public Search, WebFLIS DLA, WebFLIS Navy, WebFLIS Army, WebFLIS USMC and WebFLI. The formal and correct term is WebFLIS which stands for Web Access to the Federal Logistics Information Service. Dates stored in the FEDLOG Database are Julian Date format (DDYYY).

WebFLIS Data Segments

Segment A Identification Data
Segment B MOE Rule Coded Data
Segment C Reference / Part Number Data
Segment D Phrase Data
Segment E Standardization Data
Segment G Freight Data
Segment H Management Data
Segment K Cancellation Data
Segment M Decoded Characteristics Data
Segment V Coded Characteristics Data
Segment W Packaging Data

DLA changed WebFLIS In June 2015

Originally scheduled for June 2014, and then November, 2014, the changes to WebFLIS have finally been effected as of June 17th, 2015

The WebFLIS Change affects users as follows:

Users of Public WebFLIS will no longer be able to access FLIS information via WebFLIS and instead will have to request Public data using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or by visiting the FOIA Reading Room via a searchable product called PUB LOG FLIS Search. The DLA has provided a link to PUB LOG FLIS Search and instructions now that it is available so users can use this method following this transition of Public WebFLIS.

While this change affects public users of WebFLIS, official users will enjoy new features and benefits of WebFLIS once they have been granted access through AMPS.

From now on, WebFLis will only be accessible by controlled access such as Common Access Card (CAC) or External Certificate Authority (ECA). Current registered users will need to register/obtain roles through the Access Management and Provisioning System (AMPS)."

The future source for public Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) data is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reading room via an application called Public Logistics (PUB LOG) FLIS Search . PUB LOG FLIS search is now available at this site. Instructions for use of PUB LOG FLIS Search are provided in the FOIA reading room. We encourage non-CAC customers to access and utilize the PUB LOG FLIS Search and provide feedback.

Public users who developed an automated process to query and download multiple items of supply from Public WebFLIS will not be able to retain this type of capability with PUB LOG FLIS Search. Since customers will be required to input a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA) when using PUB LOG FLIS Search, automated search processes will be restricted. When using PUB LOG FLIS Search, the customer can view or download National Stock Numbers (NSNs), National Item Identification Numbers (NIINs), or a limited number of multiple part numbers within a single query.

Authorized-DOD and DOD-Sponsored customers, who require larger volumes of information on a reoccurring basis, can obtain the information via a service from the FLIS Portfolio Data Warehouse. This is not intended for a one-time pull of data. This requires a system-to-system web service connection and data is delivered in XML format.

Features of WEBFLIS Search

Full Keyword Search
Part Number Search
CAGE Code Search
Technical and Logistics Parameter Search
Multiple Languages
Availability and Pricing Information
Free Data Set Downloads - We share the data!!

WEBFLIS Provides an Alternate Service to WebFLIS Public

WEBFLIS has been working hard to collect the data from the US Department of Defense as well as NATO and other publishing countries to provide a FREE NSN Lookup Service with advanced features which have not been available to the general public. WEBFLIS extends the WebFLIS data with pictures of the items, pricing, procurement information, commercial characteristics and additional technical characteristics. The system is published globally in multiple languages with official translations of parameters where possible.

WebFLIS Incorporates much of the public data available from the NATO Master Cross-Reference Library (NMCRL) which is a paid subscription available from NATO. Much of the AC/135 database of NATO is available by Freedom of Information Requests and from the manufacturers of the products themselves allowing WEBFLIS to present this information augmented with pictures, pricing, sourcing information, commercial characteristics and technical characteristics.

The databases provided by WEBFLIS are not simply a re-published version of the MCRL and NMCRL. WEBFLIS has built the database over more than 12 years and the database includes many corrections not implemented by NATO and many many Gigabytes of additional information which NATO do not augment their database with.